Sara Character Page Image 1

“Put your seatbelt on, I want to try something. I saw this in a cartoon once and I’m pretty sure I can do it.”


Lake City Hyperdrive’s calm, serious owner who’s always in the middle of some project.

Sara’s been driving since she was 10 and building things for as long as she can remember. She’s a natural engineer, a superb evasive driver and a reluctant businesswoman who’s gotten in over her head trying to make Hyperdrive successful.

Sara possesses a pronounced Imperial Standard accent, the result of being homeschooled by mum & dad with limited exposure to Columbian pop culture. She has a lot of energy, a giant ego and a rather severe sense of morality – shockingly, these traits generate most of her problems.

Sara’s not a real big fan of the government in general or the police in particular, can be a rather easy mark for liars, usually won’t admit when she’s wrong and often comes across as mean-spirited.

She’s actively seeing aerospace engineer Dave Gravette and her idea of a romantic date is driving around throwing garbage at road signs. She’s also very protective of her skunk Stinky.

Sara loves to exercise – she runs at least five miles and does an hour-long fighting calisthenics workout every day, which she balances out by eating like a pig. She’s seemingly unafraid of anyone and believes she can win any fight – and she WILL fight dirty, because that’s the shortest way home.

Additionally, she’s always nonchalantly winging food wrappers and other assorted trash out of her car. Sara is given to occasional fits of crippling laughter – often in response to her dad’s various legal entanglements – and has been arrested at least half a dozen times for such things as assault, malicious mischief and participating in a riot.