Bill Character Page Image 1“That there is a deuterium-deuterium solar fusion reactor. Made it myself. Yessir, that little sumbitch is gonna nuke us up a dog’s age of electrical power!”


Hyperdrive’s resident mad scientist, who develops the aerodynamics of the company’s car designs and built the Vrykolak’s solar core.

He comes from a big family of Kentucky moonshiners, so he’s armed with a serious Southern drawl, a Confederate cavalry hat and little respect for power or social convention.

Bill’s a convicted felon who’s done time for tax evasion and resisting arrest, but his rough exterior and thick accent hide the fact that he’s far and away the most book-smart character in the entire series.

He’s driven by an inexhaustible curiosity, reads science & engineering textbooks for fun and NEEDS to know how things work.

He built the 400-mph streetable land speed car Boone County Nitro Express because he always wanted to have a transforming car like in those vigilante superhero TV shows he watched as a kid.

He has a portrait of General Robert E. Lee hanging in his living room, wears his Confederate cavalry officer’s hat everywhere and is fiercely patriotic and proud of his Southern heritage. Bill owns a large collection of offensive T-shirts and his favorite hour of television is the MMA reality show Douchebag Sham Battle.

Because he hates cops, panhandlers, squeegee jockeys and especially raccoons, Bill has done time in prison for assault, tax evasion and malicious mischief. Sara was the only one who would hire him, given his criminal record, because she didn’t consider such behavior crimes.

Bill is often engaged in some form of minor, but honorable, law-breaking like bootlegging or selling illegal fireworks to the local kids. He uses at least one stolen piece of public property in everything he builds, such as the stop sign that forms the non-structural outer case of his solar core.