Bill Character Page Image 1“That there is a deuterium-deuterium thermonuclear fusion reactor. Made it myself. Yep, that little sumbitch is gonna nuke us up a dog’s age of electrical power!”


Formally known as William Portague Howard, VI, who comes from a big, old family of Kentucky moonshiners.

Bill is Hyperdrive’s resident mad scientist, the guy who develops the aerodynamics of the company’s car designs and built the Vrykolak’s fusion core.

He also fabricated the Boone County Nitro Express, a 1968 McFarland El Mirage sedan which can transform into a streetable land speed car with a 400 mph top end.

Bill uses parts from junkyards and hardware stores to build his machinery, so his stuff always looks a little dodgy.

Armed with a serious Southern drawl and a Confederate cavalry hat, Bill has little respect for power or social convention. He’s a convicted felon who’s done time for tax evasion and resisting arrest.

Bill’s rough exterior and thick accent hide the fact that he’s far and away the most book-smart character in the entire series. He’s driven by an inexhaustible curiosity and NEEDS to know how things work.