“What’re you worried about? If anything goes wrong, you’ll either live through it without a scratch, or you won’t feel a thing.”


An aeronautical engineer who designs rockets for Harrigan Aerospace’s Military Systems Division, and currently the Assistant Lead on the engine package for the FCS Air Force’s LeMay-class battlecruiser project.

Dave is confident, basically serious and likes to keep himself in shape and dress well, so he hits the gym most days and has a closet full of Alden-McNash suits, shirts & ties.

He’s also a hot rodder who’s current stable includes an ’86 Van Castle Werewolf, a ’99 MESA Scythe and an ’02 Skyway Varono SH6 sport wagon. His driving skill in the series is second only to The Rocket Ape – a distant second.

He’s been dating Sara seriously for the past year and genuinely loves her.

Dave is a romantic who enjoys showing Sara a good time on their dates, such as late-night Wangan runs, driving around town throwing garbage at road signs, moonlit walks hand-in-hand with her through his dad’s junkyard or a lovely outdoor dinner illuminated by the burning Cuyahoga River.

He also maintains a lucrative side business bootlegging cigarettes, and he loves it as much as designing rockets. Dave got his cigarette-running gig through his dad when he was 16, when the old man insisted he get a summer job.

He’s taken great pains to conceal his identity and minimize his risk, so his equipment includes a half-dozen nondescript old smokerunning cars, a filing cabinet full of fake plates, reams of forged insurance & registration paperwork and dozens of counterfeit driver’s licenses (“Got these from the Notary Private”).