Janey Character Page Image 1“…and on the eighth day, the Lord doth made the methane-breathing JET TURBINE, and He blessed it, saying that it was GOOD! HALLELUJAH!”


A sweet, cheerful fashion designer and a real operator who fabricates the upholstery for the company’s cars and flamboyantly manages all of the company’s sales efforts.

Janey’s quite effective at her job, but she’s a solid second-shifter and is essentially useless before 10 AM. She’s not actually into cars, but she’s a born-again Christian with a unique ability to turn sales presentations into tent revivals.

She also tends to launch into Revival Mode when she wants to make a point, exhibiting all the exaggerated mannerisms of a Southern Baptist minister in the middle of a sermon.

Her main pet peeve is that she gets hit on by an inordinate number of midgets. She has a weakness for Red Star vodka and has to be REAL careful around it.