Harrison Character Page Image 1“Oh my God, you! OH MY GOD!!!”


A bullying thug with a badge who embodies essentially everything that’s wrong with the Standard Issue Police Personality.

Harrison is loud, obnoxious, abrasive, not too bright and tries to act like an Army drill sergeant, but without any of the unspoken good intentions of the genuine article. He sports a high-and-tight haircut, wears aviator sunglasses and blouses his pant legs into combat boots.

Everyone, even other cops, makes fun of him behind his back for pretending to be a soldier. Harrison thinks people are afraid of him, which is largely true, and is genuinely offended if anyone stands up to him.

He LOVES his job because it allows him to lord over nearly everyone. Even Marshall finds him to be tiresome and something of an embarrassment to the good name of law enforcement, but he does make people keep their heads down and their mouths shut.