Welcome to Cleveland, where the river’s still on fire, technology is big business and The Pursuit of Happiness won’t pass the annual state safety inspection.

Lake City Hyperdrive is an exotic car manufacturer operated by borderline-sociopath car designer Sara Norwood, ex-con redneck mad scientist Bill Howard and born-again Christian saleswoman Janey Ragsdale. The company is known for its sole current offering: the handmade, carbon-bodied, turbine-powered LH1 Phantasm.

Sara loves building and driving cars, but her true calling seems to be letting her adamantine will paint her into corners. Bill is driven by an overpowering curiosity about physics and engineering, but dismisses safety as a fundamentally irrational concept. Janey loves to chat up prospective clients and act like a fire-and-brimstone Baptist minister to make a point, but she doesn’t do mornings.

These three trying to run a business would be tough enough by itself, but throw cops, local bureaucrats, street racers, concerned citizens, car thieves and one seriously obnoxious, rocket-powered ape into the mix and it’s a wonder they can get anything done at all.

To date, nearly all of Hyperdrive’s sales have been domestic, to clients in the Federation of Columbian States – except for California, which Sara has an unspecified grudge against.